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North Fork Greenhouse

Garden Delights for Long Island

Crop Availability Bulletins


North Fork Greenhouse customers receive Crop Availability Bulletins via e-mail on a weekly basis. If you are not receiving these notices, please let us know and we'll add your name to our distribution list.

The following crops were added to our 2017 production plan. Their availability will be announced in weekly Crop Availability Bulletins which are provided to customers via e-mail.

Time constraints and limited IT resources make it impossible to provide pictorial and text descriptions of these crops. Please use Google searching to find this kind of information. 

Agastache Kudos Ambrosia, Coral, Yellow-Darwin

Ajuga Black Scallop

Angelonia Archangel Light Pink, Dark Purple, Raspberry, White

Angelonia Serenita Pink, Purple, and White

Argyranthemum Beauty Yellow

Artemisia Parfum d'Ethiopia

Begonia Bossa Nova Pink Glow

Begonia Megawatt Pink w/Bronze leaf, Red w/Green leaf

Begonia richmondensis Maribel

Bulbine Athena Dark Orange

Calibrachoa Caberet Lavender, Light Pink, Lemon Yellow, Orange, Purple,

   Pink Star, Sky Blue, White

Calibrachoa Starshine Apricot, Blue, Violet

Canna Cannova Mango, Orange Shades

Celosia Arrabona Red

Colocasia Maui Gold

Cuphea Bat Face

Cuphea Caribbean Sunset

Cuphea Hyb. Starfire

Cuphea hyss. White

Cuphea micropetala

Cynara Porto Spineless

Daucus carota Dara

Daucus carota Purple Kisses

Dianthus Jolt Cherry

Dipladenia Rio Deep Red, Hot Pink

Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit

Euphorbia Glitz

Fuchsia Lord Beaconsfield

Fuchsia Lady Thumb

Fuchsia Ringwood Market

Gaillardia Mesa Peach, Red

Gaura Belleza Light Pink

Helichrysum Crystal Ice

Herb Cilantro Cruiser

Herb Cumin

Herb Sage (Garden Sage)

Herb Sweet Marjoram

Herb Thyme Doone Valley

Impatiens Big Bounce Lavender Flame

Impatiens Blue Angel

Ipomoea Tricolor

Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Bewitched Series

Lavandula Lavela Compact Series

Lavandula Super Blue

Lobelia Hot Dark Lavender, Waterblue, Snow White

Lobularia Stream Deep Lavender

Melampodium Jackpot Gold

Nephrolepis Emerald Queen

Origanum Kent Beauty

Pelargonium Calliope Large Pink, Large Scarlet Fire, Medium Crimson Flame,

   Medium Dark Red, Medium Hot Pink, Medium Scarlet, Medium Pink Flame

Pennisetum First Night (8" pots)

Petunia x Calibrachoa hyb. Supercal Pink, Cherry, Light Yellow

Phlox Giselle Light Violet, Light Pink, White

Plectranthus Longwood Silver

Plumbago aur. White

Salvia Black and Bloom

Salvia Love and Wishes

Salvia Magic Wand

Salvia greggii Mirage Cherry, Red, Burgundy, Soft Pink

Salvia Velocity Blue

Sanvitalia Tsavo Compact Yellow

Scaevola Surdiva Blue Violet, Pink Fashion

Scaevola Fairy Blue/Pink/White mix (in 10" Hanging Baskets)

Solenostemon Ruby Slippers

Solenostemon Inferno

Solenostemon Habanero

Sutera Scopia Double Snowball

Thunbergia Sunny Lemon Star, Orange Star

Vegetable Heirloom Tomato Marriage Big Br andy, Genuwine (Qt. pots)

Verbena Endurascape Pink Bicolor, Purple, White Blush

Verrbena bonariensis Lollipop

Zinnia Zahara Double Series Cherry, Fire, Salmon Rose, Strawberry, Yellow 



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