Heirloom Tomatoes


Heirloom tomatoes, passed down for generations, were originally bred for culinary qualities rather than for plant vigor and disease resistance. On their own roots, they are susceptible to soil borne pathogens which damage or kill the plants and reduce the quality and quantity of their fruit.  Our heirloom tomatoes are grafted onto Tomato Estamino rootstcks which confer strength and vigor, while not producing excessive vegetative growth.
                                                   Grafted Varieties

Big Rainbow - Indeterminate type. Large, pound-size yellow fruit with red swirls. Flavor mild and sweet.

Black Krim - Indeterminate type. Medium-size fruit, 8 to 16 oz, dark brown-red skin. Flavor bold and rich.

Brandywine - Indeterminate type. Large pink beefsteak fruit, often over a pound. Flavor among the very best of all heirloom varieties.

Mortgage Lifter - Indeterminate type. Huge pink beefsteak fruit, often over 2 lbs. Excellent flavor, low-acid, few seeds.

San Marzano - Indeterminate type. Small elongated red fruit, almost seedless. Complex sweet flavor, top plum tomato for Italian sauces.
All varieties in 8.25" pots