Our History

An unknown upstart in 1993, when we began operations in 1920's vintage greenhouses, North Fork Greenhouse is now widely recognized as a premier grower of Long Island's highest quality ornamental and culinary crops. Our success comes as the result of hard work, guidance from Cornell Cooperative Extension Service of Suffolk County and active participation and support from family and friends who shared the hard work with us.

In our earliest days, most retail nurseries hesitated to purchase plants from a newcomer they had never heard of, but a few decided to give us a chance. They were the first to discover that our "Garden Delights" virtually sell themselves. We have never advertised,
but our reputation for quality and service has spread anyway, by word of mouth.

In 2002, to meet rising demand for our products, we moved to our present site, which combines the benefits of automated process controls with hands-on horticulture. This approach is producing happy thriving plants and happy customers.  

                                 More About Us

- We are a wholesale grower, selling to retail nurseries and garden designers.
- As a general guideline, the minimum plant order total is $500.00.
- Payment for plants must be cash or check. We can't accept credit and debit cards.
- Orders are delivered free on Long Island. Other orders must be picked up.
- Deliveries to job sites are arranged where feasible on a case by case basis.
- Customers may pick up their orders at our facility on two days advance notice.
- Guests are welcome to tour our greenhouses by appointment only.
- Visitors may not remove plants or their labels from our greenhouse benches.
- Orders for custom-grown crops are accepted subject to space availability.