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Ordering Guidelines

Advance order/reservation forms are available for download below. These forms allow our customers to reserve plants in advance for pickup or delivery when ready. We prioritize reservations by date and time received and match them against our crop production database. Confirmations are then emailed, advising our customers of the quantities and kinds of plants they have successfully locked in. (If you are unable to download the forms, please contact us).

Reservations are accepted until the deadline of March 15th. No payment is due for making a reservation; however, a deposit of 15% of the order total will become due not later than 30 days after you've received our written order confirmation. If your deposit has not been received by then, you will be given the option to remit payment or cancel your order without incurring any cost.
Customers who maintain valid credit standing are billed on a "Net 30 days" basis. For all others, payment is due by check or cash upon delivery of ordered plants. Any customer with a past due balance will be assessed interest at 1.5% per month and will forfeit credit privileges.
If your purchases qualify for exemption from New York sales taxes, we will need to maintain a signed copy of your authorization, Form ST-120, in our files. Otherwise, we will be obliged to apply sales tax to your purchases.

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